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September 28nd – 30th, 2023 –  Austin, Texas


Three Rounds:

Final Round Closes July 1st at Midnight

The Texas Cyber Summit is a three day multi-track – beginner (novice) to Advanced (ninja) career professional and everyone in between – highly technical cybersecurity event held annually with an expectation of over 1300 participants in-person. Note that the in-person will take place in September 28th – 30th, and the Virtual Conference will take place in November 29th. Featuring ten learning verticals in six tracks for the aspiring Cybersecurity novice to the expert operator. Deeply technical, research and management briefings that address the entire cyber threat landscape. The Texas Cyber Summit is held at the in Austin, Tx” at the J.W Marriott.  Texas Cyber Summit is a State of Texas Not for Profit and a Federal IRS 501C3 Non-Profit Organization. We are unable to provide for speakers travel, hotel or logistics, we really hope you will consider.

Austin is home to more major fortune 500 companies then any State, it is the fastest growing Cyber and Tech Hub in the USA. It is home to Cyber Futures Command, Defense Logistics Agency, and Air force logistics. We host Specialized tracks include teaching, training, responsibilities, and ethics in specialized fields such as Medial, exploits, FinTech, digital forensics, ICS Scada, Supply Chain, Red Team Tools, Tactics and Procedures, Blue Team and the Art of Defense, and much more.

Please note:

TRAVEL: As a non-profit, we are unable provide lodging, transportation or other expenses. We know that this is not ideal, However; We do have an awesome hotel discount. We love our Speakers and trainers and We hope you will consider joining us In-Person its going to be an awesome event.

Call for Papers, Labs, Workshops  & Training:

This is a call for “Original” papers, briefings and presentations in pursuit of cybersecurity research, tools, technology, techniques, concepts and the exploited. We prefer unpublished presentations, papers, research, briefings receive extra points, or updated presentations that have not been presented in their entirety. Attendees want the latest and fresh in the Cybersecurity information, tools, techniques, tactics, procedures, methods, hacking, exploits, criminology, fraud and forensic science, application development and security, Security management, IoT, Security engineering, computer science, as well as other papers in the following areas, this is a non-exclusive list, if you have something outside the scope of those listed below, please by all means submit.

• AppDev, DevOps, DevSecOps
• Cloud Computing, Cloud Hacking
• Database Security
• Application Security
• Aerospace and Avionics
• Kubernetes, Docker, Containers
• Risk and compliance management
• Cybersecurity trends
• Secure Architectures
• Exploit Development
• Offensive Operations and Tools
• Defensive Operations and Tools
• Darkarts, Exploits, Hacking, Bugs
• CISO, CTO compliance, Governance, Law
• Crypto, Bitcoin, BlockChain
• Network WAN/LAN/WIFI Security
• Networking Fundamentals
• Round table and Panel discussions,
• Advancements in Law Enforcement
• Education, Training, Retrospectives
• Incident response IR and recovery
• Application Development Security
• Operating System operations, security
• Red Team Tools, Tactics, Procedures
• Blue Team Tools, Tactics, Procedures
• Malware reverse engineering
• Machine Learning (ML) fictitious AI
• Securing the Internet of Things
• Network Traffic Captures
• Oil, Gas, Wind, Solar and Power Gen
• Industrial Control System Security
• Scada, ICS, DCS Refining Controls
• Building Management Systems (BMS)
• Cryptography Defense and Attacks
• Cybersecurity and diversity
• Cybersecurity in Space, Space force
• Intrusion Detection, Prevention
• Malware and Forensics
• Healthcare Cybersecurity
• Financial, FinTech, Securing Banks
• Secure Data Collection, storage and mining
• Data security, Big data Security, Data Lake security
• Hacking and Securing NoSQL, Hadoop, Casandra, Hive, Qubole,
• Cybersecurity Supply Chain Attacks and Research
• Cybersecurity compliance, standards and guidelines
• NIST 800-53, Risk Management Framework
• NIST 171, DoD, DFARS, CMMC, compliance, certification, training
• Hacking the Universe, cloud, Fog, IoT and More
• Cybersecurity Interactive systems and training
• Cybersecurity curriculum, competitions, game theory
• Basic and Advanced Networking, Network Configurations
• Intro to Cybersecurity Skill/knowledge transfer (Lighting Talks)
• Management, Managing IT, IT Operations, SOC Operations
• Startups, Startup Guidance, Legal, Finance, Funding & Angels.

Please remember your briefing, workshop, lab should have not been previously presented in the previous 90 days before the event and 30 days after, there are of course exceptions, and if 20% of your presentation is different that qualifies, please reach out so we can work with you.

Call for Villages, Contests and Events

**Have an Idea for a village, contest or event, now’s the time to submit it, attendees are looking for fresh events, activities and challenges to make their attendance even more enjoyable.

Submit your CFP here:  Submission Portal

GRADING: Submissions
The CFP Review Board grades submissions by double blind point system. Points are given for awesomeness, thoroughness, bleeding edge, ground breaking, uniqueness, techniques, tactics, procedures and methods. As well as level of effort and target audience play a key role in awarded points. Presentations should contain original material from the original author and should not have been previously presented with-in the boarding states of Texas at least 30 days prior, the exception is, if it contains at least 20% updated/different content. This ensures the conference has unique briefings, not the same-old-same, attendees want new, breaking, and rich content..

Logistics: Covid19 Attendance

Because no one can predict the status of the Covid-19 pandemic and any associated social distancing mitigations or requirements, we may change the in-person mask/distancing requirements, always refer to the main Covid19 Safety page. In person speakers will be provided you with several gifts, swag and stuff to help your in-person event be even more enjoyable.

What we provide In-Person Speakers


Please note:

As a non-profit, we are unable provide for lodging, transportation or other expenses, please keep this in mind before submitting. We know that this is not ideal, However; We do have an awesome hotel discount,We hope you will consider joining us In-Person its going to be a lot of fun. We hope in future conferences we can provide additional benefits all that depends on sponsors – If you know of a great sponsor, please send them our way!