How we help

Texas Cyber Summit: is a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed to increase the number of underserved, underprivileged, women and minority persons in the Information Security industry and community by providing an annual conference for those interested and new to Cyber as well as a place for the seasoned security practitioners to feel at home.  We also accept donations and they are tax deductible. The Parent company of Texas Cyber Summit is txciberdojo,inc a Texas Non-Profit Corporation formed in 2020, run by the Board of Directors and assisted by the Board of Advisors.

Notice – While some conferences nickel and dime you for even basic needs, we include a whole lot of benefits at each level, where other conferences charge for, our goal is to provide you with transparency in “fee’s: and help you obtain attendee impressions, optimal visibility and opportunities.

2024 LIVE CONFERENCE: To Sponsor the Texas Cyber Summit, to receive any discounts you must provide a 25% deposit no later then January 1, 2024, and have paid your space/options in full by March 1st, 2024 otherwise your space/options will be cancelled and you will forfeit any deposit and allocated space. We have a hard limit with the number of in-person booths. We require all in-person booths to be 100% paid 90 days prior to the event - otherwise your contract will be voided and there is no guarantee of a placement. Sponsors that sponsor first get the choice of spaces in their sponsorship level. * See Contract for full details.
Texas Cyber Summit Privacy Notice:

IMPORTANT: Texas Cyber Summit: takes attendee, sponsors and volunteer privacy serious, as such we do not release blanket attendee lists. We understand that sponsors, support our events and others all in an effort to obtain new leads, contacts and interested parties, as well as obtain visibility for their brand, services and products. In an effort to help find middle ground below is how we help sponsors:

A. All Attendee Tickets Require the attendee to specifically "opt-in" or "opt-out" we do this for transparency.
B. Tickets for all of our Social and other events are opt'in by default, we do have an opt-out feature that attendees can select.
C. We host a "passport" to prizes,bingo card - that is only opt-in, the more sponsors that donate prizes the more likely we pickup more attendees. We will be promoting the heck out of this capability this year, every morning and afternoon on the main stage and in each briefing stage/room. So consider providing a few (under $100) prizes to get more people signed up and participating. We will announce some of the prizes at the commencement of the conference each day, and which sponsors are participating.
D. We allow sponsors to host contests, give-a-ways and promos at their tables to engage further with attendees, and your efforts to collect business cards and contact information - We allow any number of in-booth promotions to take place, just keep us in the loop. You can tie this to your stage time and announce for attendees to visit your booth for great prizes and information on your product, service, capability.
E. Lead Collection: utilize a badge scanner capability at each sponsors booth - You will be able to use your phone, or we can provide you one and access the portal for 90 days, in the event of any issues we will make every attempt to get you all opt'in leads.
F. Announcing at opening each day: We love our sponsors and we will be announcing and directing attendees to spend time at the sponsor area, as sponsors help make the conference possible.
G. All Contests, Challenges, and CTF's are default to opt-in, although participants can select to opt'out of these as a reasonable alternative.
I. Scavenger Hunt, Like passport to prizes, attendees will be continuously in contact with sponsors for clues each 1/2 a day. Daily prizes and is opt'in. Sponsors need to let us know their interest in being involved, because it does require a lot of interactions. Sponsors that provide prizes will receive clues each day to continue interaction with attendees.
J. Center Stage: Certain Sponsorship levels include "Center Stage" ability utilize the main stage for a 15 min technical, briefings, marketing, product demo's and/or product launches, we will try to place these presentations in the schedule/guide.
K. In-House TCS Texas Cyber Summit TV. we will be hosting our own channel at the hotel, 4 days, 24x7 From Tuesday 5/27 to Friday 5/29 which provides plenty of options to get your brand in front of those attending the conference and those just staying at the hotel. (Extra fee's apply) Contact us for full details.
L. No Cost/Seeded/Discounted Tickets: All no cost, seeded and discounted tickets are opt-in Only.

NOTE: And while all of these are intended to help pickup a number of contacts (potential) customers, we can never guarantee any quantity or quality of attendee contacts, nor the functionality of any of the services associated or provided in conjunction with said capability. Everything we provide sponsors is at "best effort" and we will not be responsible for any issues in the offering. * see contract. Booth Space is based on availability and selection, sponsors are able to select any space with-in their tier, on a first-come first-serve basis, if possible we will move them to the best available spot based on their preference.