Lead Collection

Texas Cyber Summit

Note: Your One Account will be shared with your team, so consider this before you begin.

1. Download the eventzilla app from the Android store or the Iphone (Mobile App for Events) not the organizer app.

2. Receive the poorly worded invite email from Eventzilla: You are invited to exhibitor at Texas Cyber Summit 2023

3. Register and follow instructions to complete registration, set user id and password = Remember this information, and remember this is for a single organization with multiple staff collecting leads – You will share the same user.id and password.

4. Login / Password , complete registration, sign-in on your phone with the login you created on your computer.

5. The image below shows you logged into the portal via your computer/web browser, this is where you can edit your profile, change your URL, change your company logo photo.

6. On the mobile app on the bottom right, click the 3 blue squares  This takes you to the Capture leads option, select capture leads.

7. Ask the attendee to display their profile QR Code on their mobile device.

8. Select New Lead ” allow access to your camera” and then it should display the camera, scan the attendee QR code. Which provides you with First, Last, Email, Phone, Job title, Organization and a section for you to be able to take notes – and then select the type of lead – HOT  |  WARM  | COLD | UNSORTED

9. Save the lead

10. Feel Free to test this out on your team members and make sure you get the hang of it, it wont eat into your numbers, we can simply reset it. So get some exposure using it prior to the event so you don’t run into any issues.


Thank you,

Texas Cyber Summit