Texas Cyber Summit


Covid19 Updates

Updated June 1st, 2023

From the start, we have committed to hosting a convention that would help protect our attendees from the spread of COVID and other virus while staying true to the traditions that makes Texas Cyber Summit Informative, Educational, Fun and Memorable.  As things continue to get better with Covid19, we will relax our requirements. At this time you do not need to wear a mask through-out open areas of the hotel. Please note COVID19 has not disappeared, it is not over. We no longer require Covid Tests or cards, or require masks, however we ask attendees to please respect the “personal” space of speakers, trainers and other attendees.

When onsite, before, during and after, please practice patience, we are in dealing with a fluid situation and depend on everyone maintaining a level head and patience. Please be respectful, accommodating, and kind to one another.

Because of our amazing attendees, we often get asked what you can do to help the convention.  Outside of lending your support and love during this difficult time, which we seriously can’t thank you enough. We ask that you take responsibility to maintain your health by following CDC guidelines, as well we will be monitoring for anyone showing symptoms through-0ut the event.

The very best part of Texas Cyber Summit is the community. We know that you have each other’s backs, that you care for your fellow attendee, and that you will follow the rules because it’s the right thing to do. We trust you to make good decisions and look forward to welcoming you home.

We’ve committed to answering questions about how Texas Cyber Summit will look different this year.  Below is a rather lengthy list of enhancements that we have put in place to deliver on a quality of the Texas Cyber Summit experience while taking important steps to keep our guests, attendees, members and staff safe.

Hold-Harmless: As like with most events, WE ARE NOT responsible for your safety, security, health, welfare or well-being, we are not and can not be held responsible if you get infected from a virus, covid19, hurt, sick or die, or if you contract an illness at the event or any other item that may cause you harm – we are NOT responsible for you – YOU are responsible for you !

Face masks and reduced attendance

  • Appropriate face masks can be wore but are not required inside briefing and training rooms, if you would like to wear a mask feel free to do so. At Texas Cyber Summit we monitor CDC guidelines and City of Austin, Tx. requirements.
  • For the 2023, Texas Cyber Summit will have reduced capacity from prior years. We have worked closely with our hotels to determine how many people are permitted in the building space each day and at a given time and taken further steps to reduce capacity to allow for personal space.
  • Event will be three days days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday only. A One-day badges will only be available for Saturday, and when we expect the largest crowds.
  • Related to Texas Cyber Summit, 2023 there will be no reserved seating, no online booking for each of the briefing sessions, you will be required to arrive to the briefing early and enter the space in staggered and timed fashion, as well as maintain your distance in each line where required. If you are observed causing issues, you will be asked to leave the area, if this happens more then once, you will be required to vacate the premise entirely.
  • Observe all onsite safety signage, they will be relevant to the date/time of the conference.


Room Capacity, Including Academy Learning Spaces

  • All briefing, workshop, village and academy learning venues will have a reduced maximum capacity at all times.
  • We will have approximately 20% fewer attendees to provide for better spacing, personal distancing, traffic flow, and line management.  There will be a one-way flow requested throughout the room and limited capacity at all times.
  • Additional safety precautions may be enforced, including temperature checks.


Traffic Flow, Congestion, and Personal Distancing

  • Badge checks will be expanded across the show to support the capped attendance and spacing.
  • We expect to be selling tickets at the door, and will open ticket sales/registration at 8:30am on Thursday.
  • Lines for briefings, trainings and panel briefings will be closed once they reach 80%, this is based on the reduced room capacity and to improve traffic flow. As always, ballrooms will be cleared between briefings and panels and the existing LineCon policy, Rule #15 remains in effect and will be strictly enforced. Rule #15: Always work as a team.
  • We will encourage all attendees to Social distance and not crowd speakers, all briefing rooms will have room managers that will facilitate social distance to speakers and trainers is enforced.
  • Other specific changes to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion include.
    • Our traditional attendee evening social will be modified to ensure the safety of all those attending, watch for updates.


Venue cleaning

  • Our venues have adopted enhanced cleaning protocols and are committed to delivering above and beyond the sanitation standards established. If you would like details, we encourage you to check with the property individually.
  • All briefing and training rooms and village spaces will be closed once a day for deep cleaning – once during the day. These closures will happen on a rolling basis, with specific times indicated in the program guide, there will ALWAYS be lots of briefings and workshop options to choose from.
  • Hand Sanitizing stations will be posted at the door of every room, we encourage attendees to utilize these to reduce the spread of all viruses.